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Raised Litter Box Starts Here

Litter Box Dog Proof

LoftyLoo modern litter box is not only an elevated litter box but also a dog-proof litter box, making LoftyLoo an ideal choice for both pets and owners.

LoftyLoo: a modern raised litter box offers ease and convenience for cat owners who face mobility challenges, injuries, arthritis, joint pain, chronic illnesses, or other health issues. LoftyLoo has proven to be successful for kittens, larger cats, and older felines alike.

 Elevated Litter
Box Experience

We are as excited as you are to elevate your cat's litter box experience, making your life cat-tastic! Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional litter solutions and hello to the LoftyLoo. Together, let's raise litter boxes so there's limited bending and easier on your joints. 

Cat Litter Box
Dog Proof

LoftyLoo's elevated litter box design acts as a natural deterrent, making it challenging for dogs to access the litter box. This ensures the litter box remains a cat-exclusive space, providing peace and cleanliness in multi-pet households.

Modern Litter Box for Modern Homes

Modern cat litter box offers innovative elevated design, promoting cat comfort while keeping the litter area clean and accessible. Its ergonomic and user-friendly features cater to the evolving needs of both cats and their caregivers in modern living environments.

No mechanical loud noises. No top or roof. No digging into a dark abyss. No more stooping to scoop!