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Litter Box Storage Cabinet
  • Does LoftyLoo come with a litter pan?
    LoftyLoo is designed to flexibly work with any number of litter pans (sold separately). However, we STRONGLY recommend Petmate’s “Jumbo” Open Cat Litter Box. Featuring high sides, this pan fits purrfectly within the LoftyLoo. Grab it on Amazon HERE.
  • What are the dimensions, weight, and color of the LoftyLoo?
    Dimensions of LoftyLoo: 26” tall, 20” deep, and 24” wide. Recessed litter pan area: Designed to fit 22" long x 16.5" wide x 6.5" high. We recommend PetMate’s “Jumbo” Litter Pan, which you can buy HERE. Storage: 22.5” deep, 18.5” wide and 14” tall. Perch: 14.75" long x 4.75" wide and 16" from the floor. Weight: 52 lbs The LoftyLoo color is a crisp, clean white.
  • How long does it take to assemble the LoftyLoo?
    The LoftyLoo takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to assemble. We recommend having a second person assist with assembly.
  • How much weight can LoftyLoo hold?
    Weight on the top section of the LoftyLoo can hold 30lbs, the perch can hold 25lbs and the below storage area can hold 50lbs.
  • How does my cat access the litter pan?
    Healthy cats love to jump. They seek out vertical safe zones and feel secure away from children and other animals. If your cat can jump 16” to the front shelf that creates the perch, it can easily access the litter pan. A rim around the LoftyLoo encloses the litter pan plus provides an area for your cat to walk around the top of the loo. The perch is only 16" from the floor and the LoftyLoo itself is only 26” tall. Our feline testers have given LoftyLoo four paws up!
  • How do I transition my cat to LoftyLoo?
    When you receive a LoftyLoo, insert the “Jumbo” sized open litter pan made by Petmate. You can buy it HERE. Once you insert your new litter pan into the LoftyLoo, simply pour your cat's existing litter (to attract the cat by its own scent) into the Petmate pan. Pro Tip #1: Do NOT use new, fresh litter. Introduce LoftyLoo by using your cat's own existing litter. Pro Tip #2: Use PetMate's “Jumbo” Litter Pan. Purchase HERE.
  • When can I expect delivery of LoftyLoo?
    Please expect a timeframe of 10-12 weeks for delivery. We understand the anticipation and are working tirelessly to ensure the highest quality product reaches your doorstep as soon as possible. Our current delivery times are longer because we are a small start-up. Once we are fully launched, we anticipate that our shipping times will significantly reduce to just a few days. We will also be on Amazon soon.
  • How does ordering a LoftyLoo support the community?
    By ordering, you become an integral part of our passionate community, dedicated to sharing a portion of the proceeds to people living with arthritis and to cat shelters across America. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of cat parents and their felines.
  • Why do owners love LoftyLoo?
    Easier to clean. For those with mobility issues, scooping litter is imperative from a sitting or standing position (vs. bending over). Litter contained. High sides protect from spray and splatter. Raised position limits access by small children and dogs. Lots of storage. There's plenty of space for all your cat's necessities, conveniently located within reach. Tidy for tight spaces. Mobile, raised loo sits on locking wheels and prevents owners from kneeling on the ground to keep litter clean. Cats purrfur to be up high. Why do we expect them to poo down low? They know we can do better.
  • How to prevent accidents outside of the loo?
    LoftyLoo has proven to cure accidents by lifting the litter pan up and off the floor. While mistakes can happen, cats feel more secure in higher zones. LoftyLoo creates a raised, protected, contained, and recessed area for open and easy access to a jumbo-sized litter pan. LoftyLoo adds more protection from accidents, making cats and their owners love it equally. *Pro-Tip #1: Our research suggests that if you're having issues with your cat going outside of the litter pan or making a complete mess, your cat is sending you a message you must take seriously. Most cats purrfur large, rectangular, open-top pans over domed or covered boxes. Filthy boxes are also a big turn-off for our fabulous felines. ProTip #2: If you've cleaned enough litter, you've probably cleaned cat poo off the side of the pan. Most litter pans need to be bigger for the average cat to pose, deposit and cover. This is a fundamental reason we recommend the jumbo-sized pan from PetMate. You can buy it HERE.
  • My cat throws litter like confetti. How is the litter contained?
    Not only does the LofyLoo offer the convenience of raised and open access, the litter pan itself is contained and recessed inside of the LoftyLoo. In addition, there is a top rim that fits securely over the litter pan for added protection. Feedback from our feline lovers is that it is much easier to keep clean and much less of a mess vs. an open litter pan sitting on the floor. The LoftyLoo contains the litter with little mess on the outside. Also see the question, “How to prevent accidents outside of the loo?”
  • Can bigger cats and older cats use LoftyLoo?
    If you are comfortable with your cat jumping up to your couch or chair, you’ll feel at ease with your fur-baby jumping to use the loo! The perch is only 16” off the ground and can hold 25lbs. The LoftyLoo is 26” tall, and it’s literally purrfect for cats who can jump.
  • Can young kittens use the LoftyLoo?
    LoftyLoo is cat-tasic for kittens who are fully litter-trained and can comfortably jump 16” high to the front shelf that creates the perch. The LoftyLoo is 26” tall.
  • How many LoftyLoo's do I need?
    The general rule is to have one litter pan for each cat in your home and one extra. So, for example, if you have three cats, you need a litter pan for each cat and one extra litter pan. It's up to you how many LoftyLoo’s you desire, but our research proves that cats consistently purrfur the LoftyLoo. If you have multiple LoftyLoo’s with no pans on the floor, not only will your cat love you, but your knees and back will thank you! Plus, with the LoftyLoo storage, your home will feel tidy with your cat necessities organized and within reach.
  • Can I trust the quality and reliability of the LoftyLoo?
    Your trust in us is greatly appreciated, and we assure you that it is not taken for granted. We are committed to delivering on our promises and providing you and your furry friends with an innovative and remarkable litter box upgrade. The LoftyLoo is built with the highest standards of quality and reliability in mind.
  • Does LoftyLoo offer International Shipping?
    We do offer International Shipping. Canada customers can purchase directly on the website. For countries outside the USA and Canada, please contact us directly at for shipping costs and delivery times. Any custom duties, taxes, or additional charges imposed by the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.

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