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Elevated Litter Box

Elevated Litter Box Storage Cabinet: No more bending over to scoop.

Raised litter box.
Easy for cats and humans.

Top Entry Litter Box Storage Cabinet 

A raised, off-the-ground litter box is easier to clean for cat owners. Cat caregivers are able to sit comfortably or stand with limited bending to clean the litter box. Lofty Loo is also unreachable by dogs and small children.

The litter box storage cabinet conveniently keeps supplies hidden and within arm’s reach. The recessed area for the litter pan keeps stray litter contained, and LoftyLoo's rim safeguards litter inside verses on the floor. LoftyLoo sits on locking wheels and is the first of its kind, creating an all-in-one, elevated top entry litter box that eliminates owners from bending over to the floor to clean litter, no more stooping to scoop litter.

Designed to fit standard, universal-size litter pans, we strongly suggest PetMate's Jumbo Pan (you can buy it separately 

Top Entry Litter Box

No bending over or kneeling to clean the litter box with LoftyLoo.

No kneeling to clean litter box

Quality of Life for Cat Caregivers

Elevate your day with the LoftyLoo Elevated Litter Box. Other litter cabinet solutions can be challenging to use and require a level of dexterity not everyone possesses. A cat owner with mobility issues, caring for a cat with a litter box, often needs to bend and kneel frequently. Cat owners who cannot bend over or get on their knees may not be able to thoroughly clean the litter box when it's on the ground, potentially leaving both the owner and cat exposed to health hazards. Lack of storage causes stress and mess for both cats and their owners.

Many feature a dome that encloses the litter box. Our research shows cat owners dislike the dome; owners are plunged into darkness, and domes are a hassle to clean. The same goes for noisy, robotic self-cleaning litter boxes, which are mechanical and unnatural, plus owners are stuck with clogged blades. Cats and owners prefer something that fits their natural instinct.

Litter boxes can be a mess: stooping to scoop, litter and supplies scattered. If you have mobility issues, dogs, or kids, you need a LoftyLoo Raised Litter Box.

Jumbo Litter Pan Sold Separately. Buy it HERE

Elevated Litter Box for Safe Scooping

Raised Litter Box with Storage

LoftyLoo creates an elevated, raised cat litter box storage system while taking advantage of your cats’ innate affinity to jump. The feline loves high spaces. Research shows cats need vertical safe zones and naturally, they like to see things from a higher perspective. The Lofty Loo’s front shelf creates a cat perch that provides access into the raised litter pan, all while giving your cat the ability to have a vertical safe space that provides a sense of security. The elevated litter box by LoftyLoo provides a great vantage point for your cat to keep an eye on other animals or kids: cats need to see the world going on around them to feel safe. Especially when they are “doing their business.” 

Elevated Litter Box
best raised litter box

"LoftyLoo is like catnip for cat owners. You're instantly drawn to its simplicity and love how it's safer for both my cat and my responsibilities as a cat owner."
Dolores, Kansas City

Check out our LoftyLoo Cat Talk to discover why LoftyLoo Raised Litter Box is a safer option for both cats and their owners.

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