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Cat Litter Box: Dog Proof

LoftyLoo is a dog-proof cat litter box, ensuring cats' safety and preventing dogs from accessing the litter, making sure cats are comfortable and dogs stay healthy.

Modern Litter Box for All

LoftyLoo is the top choice for cat owners with dogs in their households, particularly those concerned about the safety and well-being of their canine companions, especially when it comes to preventing them from accessing the cat's litter.

The innovative design of LoftyLoo elevates the litter pans, keeping them off the ground and out of reach for dogs, who typically find cat litter at ground level. This makes it one of the best dog-proof litter box solutions available. LoftyLoo not only strives to deter dogs from consuming potentially harmful cat litter but also ensures they won't create a mess or track litter throughout the house.

With LoftyLoo, cat owners can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their feline friend's litter remains secure and inaccessible, fostering a safer and more harmonious living environment for both their cats and dogs.

LoftyLoo Designed for Dogs and Litter Harmony: Litter Box Dog-Proof

Cat-Friendly, Dog-Proof Litter Box

Experience Kelly's genuine testimonial, discovering the life-changing power of LoftyLoo. Listen to the video to hear directly from Kelly, a proud mom to three busy boys, a lovable dog, and two playful cats, as she reveals why LoftyLoo has exceeded all expectations. 


Elevated Litter Box: LoftyLoo's raised design keeps dog noses out of the litter box, ensuring cats' territory stays undisturbed and secure.

Boundaries with Ease: With LoftyLoo, cats and dogs peacefully coexist thanks to defined spaces. Cats have a private, elevated litter box while dogs maintain their distance.

Undisturbed Cat Time: LoftyLoo offers cats a quiet, private space for their litter needs, away from curious canine eyes.

Get ready to experience why LoftyLoo is truly the cat's meow!

Jumbo Litter Pan Sold Separately. Buy it HERE

Dog proof litter box

"LoftyLoo suits our home and busy life far better than a floor litter pan. Prior to LoftyLoo, my dog treated my cat's litter as if it were an all-you-can-eat buffet!"
Cindy, Michigan

Check out our LoftyLoo Cat Talk to discover why LoftyLoo Raised Litter Box is a safer option for cats, dogs and their owners.

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