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Modern Litter Box

The LoftLoo modern litter box with storage helps control odor while keeping supplies tidy and within reach.

Best Modern Litter Box

Litter Box Furniture for the Modern Home

LoftyLoo is a new, better, and distinctively modern litter box. Its innovative, joint-friendly design lets cat owners comfortably sit or stand while scooping, offering a sleek and contemporary look that seamlessly blends with a wide range of home decor and designs. Its modern appeal not only enhances your living space but also makes the daily chore of cat care more convenient and stylish. No more bending over to scoop litter and LoftyLoo is wheelchair accessible.

Cat owners who value a clean and organized home understand that the key to eliminating bending over and keeping clean is a raised litter box with ample storage space underneath. This all-in-one elevated modern litter box keeps cat litter necessities neatly tucked away, minimizes odors, and keeps everything within easy reach. Say hello to LoftyLoo!

Elevated Litter Box

Jumbo Litter Pan Sold Separately. Buy it HERE

Modern Cat Litter Box with Storage.

Litter Box Furniture: Pick of the Litter (box)

  • Easy Access for All: Cleaning while sitting or standing. (Jumbo size, sold separately here)

  • Litter Box Dog-Proof and Safe for Cats: Offers a secure space for cats away from dogs and kids.

  • Modern Litter Box: Perfect for small spaces, homes

  • Organized: Keeps cat cleaning necessities within reach.

  • Odor Control: Storage hides unsightly cleaning supplies, aiding in odor control.

  • Litter Containment: Keeps litter off the floor, away from other animals and children.

  • Litter Recessed: Enhanced litter containment.

  • Easy to Move: Sits on locking wheels, easy mobility.

  • Easy-to-Clean: Low maintenance, hassle-free upkeep.

  • Furniture-Like Design: Blends seamlessly with various home decor styles.

Check out our LoftyLoo Cat Talk to discover why LoftyLoo Raised Litter Box is a safer, more modern litter box option for cats and their owners.

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