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Raised Litter Box

Elevated litter box: dog proof. Open, top entry litter box: no bending over to clean litter.

Meet LoftyLoo Raised Litter Box

Joint-friendly, elevated, dog-proof litter box with storage allows owners to care for their cats while sitting or standing with all supplies within reach.

Raised Litter Box

Modern Cat Magazine
Recommends LoftyLoo!

LoftyLoo Modern Cat Magazine Best Raised Litter Box
Modern Cat Magazine Dog Proof Litter Box LoftyLoo

LoftyLoo creates an easy to access top entry elevated litter box that is also litter box dog-proof, ensuring ease and safety for both you and your pets.

Owners can stand or sit to scoop. Raised litter box is open, recessed, and contained. Supplies within reach.

best top entry litter boxes, litter box dog proof

 Made by cat-loving humans. Provides a vertical safe place for cats away from dogs, children or other animals. 

Litter Box Dog Proof

 Fits seamlessly with a variety of
styles and personalities (feline
and human alike). Ships flat.

Modern Litter Box

Jumbo Litter Pan Sold Separately. Buy it HERE

Cats love to be up high. 

So why do we expect them to poo down low?

cat litter box furniture white

Austin, Texas

What a God Send! My extra litter, scoop, trash bags, trash, and my small vacuum are now all in one place. I'm grateful for LoftyLoo - finally, a litter box that's easy on my knees and back.

best cat litter box

Dr. Peterson,
Lenexa, Kansas

Every cat owner needs to own a raised litter box, LoftyLoo. Cat litter pans do not belong on the floor. Too many other animals have access to the litter when it's on the floor.

litter box for small spaces

Sarasota, Florida

LoftyLoo looks so nice in my home. I was pleasantly surprised how the litter stayed contained because my Henry kicks litter like it's confetti. Having a raised litter box is super easy to clean.  

What's all the purring about?

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